Excellent communication, patient satisfaction, and good management go together. CareUpdate improves all three by making it easier for care professionals to meet patient needs. Give your practice a competitive advantage with CareUpdate.

Good communication leads to higher reimbursement, more referrals, and higher profits.

71% of malpractice suits originate in poor communication between care professionals and patients.

Communication encourages better medical outcomes, greater compliance, and happier patients.

Communication with nurses and doctors along with detailed explanations of medications and discharge planning determine patient satisfaction. Learn more

CareUpdate makes effective communication easier for care professionals, saving them time.

CMS increasingly relies on patient satisfaction as a metric for hospital compensation and rankings. Learn more


HIPAA compliant cloud storage combines uncompromising
security with effortless access.

  • Securely access patient information from multiple devices in your care facility or on the go.
  • Services hosted centrally so that CareUpdate is always up-to-date, easy to use, and highly secure.
  • Customize access in your practice for nurses, doctors, and other healthcare providers to personal or hospital computers, smartphones, or other devices.
  • Executive suite to review patient surveys, manage your account, and optimize account usage within institution.


Most hospital executives rank patient satisfaction as one of their top three priorities for good reason: it correlates with positive medical outcomes, patient compliance, and even reimbursement.

Only hospitals ranking in the top quartile of patient satisfaction as measured by CMS surveys showed positive profit margins.


Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) began requiring acute care hospitals to report patient satisfaction scores through their Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems survey (HCAHPS) in late 2012.

In 2016, patient satisfaction as measured by CMS survey results determined 1.75% of Medicare payments, set to increase to 2% in FY2017. In July of 2016, CMS also used survey results to launch their publicly accessible Hospital Compare site with star ratings for 3,500 hospitals.

CareUpdate can directly enhance performance in factors strongly correlated with HCAHPS satisfaction scores including communication with nurses and doctors (the 1st and 5th strongest predictors), timeliness of assistance (the 3rd), explanation of medications (the 4th), and discharge planning (the 7th).

Satisfied patients are:

  • More likely to comply with care plans
  • More likely to return for future care
  • More likely to refer family
  • More likely to positively rate hospital experiences
  • Less likely to file malpractice claims

Dissatisfied patients are:

  • Less likely to comply with care plans
  • More likely to have negative perceptions of care episodes
  • Less likely to recommend hospitals and care providers
  • More likely to file malpractice claims