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About CareUpdate About CareUpdate

CareUpdate offers HIPAA compliant communication between medical professionals, caregivers, patients and loved ones.

Family and friends play an important role in quality care. CareUpdate helps medical staff, patients, and loved ones work together as a team by offering a platform for sharing text, voice, picture, and video messaging. Keeping loved ones in contact at every stage of care leads to higher patient satisfaction and better experience for families and friends.


CareUpdate helps families and friends stay connected.


CareUpdate connects patients to their families and care providers.


CareUpdate helps physicians improve health outcomes through effective and efficient communication.


CareUpdate helps nurses connect with patients and their loved ones on the ward and in the operating room.


CareUpdate helps experts streamline communication, maximize patient satisfaction, and provide better health outcomes.


CareUpdate helps hospitals, nursing homes, and other care settings provide exceptional service.


CareUpdate helps care providers, family, and friends work together to provide the best possible care for patients. With features like one-way messaging, family message boards, and more, secure communication between patients, loved ones, and care providers has never been simpler. Give your care providers and patients the best tool for optimizing outcomes and satisfaction.

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Laura's Appendectomy

William and Lucia knew appendectomies were routine surgeries. Still, when it came to their daughter Laura it was hard not to worry. In an ordinary hospital, the two might sit in the waiting room growing increasingly anxious as the surgery progressed behind closed doors. Thankfully, this hospital was different.

Lucia smiled as she opened a notification on her phone. She tilted the screen so her husband could see. Laura was lying peacefully on the OR table, Dr. Mendelsohn was in the background giving a thumbs up. Under the photo, the nurse Etasha had written "Sound asleep!"

"Glad she's doing well," wrote Laura's aunt in Canada. "Keep us updated." The frequent updates from the family and medical staff made the wait go quickly. After what felt like a just few minutes, Etasha sent another update. "Laura's doing great! Dr. Mendelsohn says the appendix isn't ruptured, and everything's going smoothly. Should be finishing up soon!" 

Dr. Mendelsohn came out to meet Lucia and William in the waiting room. As they knew from CareUpdate, Laura's surgery went without complications. She was with Etasha in the recovery room and the couple would be seeing her soon.

Scott's Recovery

For Linda, having friends and family around after her husband's car accident was a gift. Through Scott's eight weeks in intensive care, family visited whenever they could. Their visits kept the couple in good spirits, comforted their sons Finn and Michael, and enabled Linda to continue working, something she felt she needed as so much changed around her.

CareUpdate's private family Message Board became the central place for the family to coordinate visits. It was also how the medical staff helped everyone understand what to expect in the recovery process. Scott was in hospital for weeks, but the updates became reassurance that he was progressing steadily.

When Scott began physical therapy, Grace, his nurse, took a short video of him walking with the therapist's assistance. Linda was at her office when she saw the clip on CareUpdate. Scott needed a lot of help, but seeing him on his feet made her hopeful that he'd be returning home soon.

Scott's brother David arrived from Seattle that afternoon and was able to look up everything from hospital parking to the location of his brother’s room on the app. Scott used CareUpdate to tell David they could meet in his room after physio. The two talked about the family holiday they took before the accident. "Let's do it again next winter," said David suggesting they rent a house together in Barbados. Linda arrived with Finn and Michael an hour later. It was hard to believe how much better Scott looked. He was sitting up, joking with Finn. The winter trip would have seemed impossible a week earlier.

Frank’s Emergency

Frank was enjoying a glass of Merlot with his daughter Nina when he lost control of his hand, spilling the drink over his gray sports coat. He tried to speak, but the words ran together. Nina knew something was wrong and called emergency services immediately. She followed the ambulance in her car, calling her sister Rachel in California along the way.

At the ER, Dr. Rivera recognized Frank as the 77 year old retired law professor who had been in six months earlier with chest pain. Nina told Dr. Rivera about his slurred speech and how he had become unsteady on his feet. Frank chimed in to say he was feeling much better. After examining Frank and asking a few questions, Dr. Rivera said that it was probably a Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA). “Like a temporary stroke, a warning.”

Frank, Nina and Rachel used CareUpdate during his prior visit. Though Rachel had never met Dr. Rivera in person, she felt like she knew him through his video updates. Using CareUpdate, she wrote Nina and Dr. Rivera that she was worried that Frank’s symptoms sounded like a stroke and that there might be permanent damage. With CareUpdate Dr. Rivera sent a short video message explaining that Frank should recover quickly, and that they would be giving him a CT scan and monitoring him overnight.

Dr. Rivera’s news that Frank should make a full recovery was a huge relief to Rachel. He recommended that Nina spend the night at home and return in the morning when Frank would be discharged. Through CareUpdate, Nina and Rachel could monitor the changes to his prescriptions and follow up with any questions they had about their dad.


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